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Unpacking the mattress

1. The sizes given in the catalog and on the website may be slightly different according to the standards established by  Polish Committee for Standardization.

2. Each mattress is secured with foil and adhesive tape.

3. Carefully cut the adhesive tape and remove  protective foil bags.

4. In the case of a rolled mattress, gently unfold it.

  •   After unfolding the mattress,  it will immediately begin to revert to its original      height and shape.

  • The mattress should be left on a flat surface through  72 hours for it to rise to its normal height​

5. In the case of a flat-packed mattress (not vacuum-rolled), check the condition of the foams. If the mattress is not a concave, it can be used immediately.​

6. We recommend that  for the first 1-3 days (depending on the need), air the mattress. Due to the tight, vacuum and foil packaging  the natural smells of the individual components of the mattress may remain.

Rules for everyday use

  1. Keep all manufacturer's markings on the mattress. Removal of the markings will result in the inability to file a complaint.

  2. Products should be kept in a dry and airy room.  

  3. Mattresses should have the appropriate frame for their weight. Choosing the wrong frame results in the deformation of the mattress. Complaints in the case of using the mattress on the wrong support will not be accepted.

  4. Pay attention to the hygiene and cleaning labeling of the products.

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