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Italian mattresses with a long tradition.

Manifattura Falomo was founded by
Giovanni Falomo and his son Ezio in 1962.

From the beginning, they put emphasis on innovative solutions. As a result, the production of Falomo mattresses presents true Italian mastery.


Perfectly and carefully selected raw materials, processed in an ecological way,
they can change any sophisticated design

in a unique mattress pattern.

For over 50 years, Manifattura Falomo's mission has been to promote a "healthy sleep" culture.
As a result, we have a full range of high-quality mattresses:
foam, latex, soybean, spring

with memory, with the aquatech system, and children's, as well as frames and pillows.

Not only mattresses

Pillows, sheets and accessories

Manifattura Falomo produces pillows that improve the comfort of relaxation.

The right pillow allows us to rest,

and not feel  discomfort after waking up. Well-chosen pillows  improve the quality of sleep 

and adapt to your needs  silhouettes of each person.  


The company's offer includes pillows

of various shapes, sizes and thicknesses

and materials that guarantee optimal relaxation in any position.

Additionally, thanks to many years of experience, Manifattura Falomo offers its customers a wide selection of bedroom accessories from sheets  made of 100% cotton jersey makò (160 g / m2) with the addition of aloe,  through elegant linen made of pure cotton percale (80 threads / cm) to beautiful scents for the home.


"Healthy Sleep"

Certified products of the highest  quality

Manifattura Falomo cooperates with the best European research and development institutions in the field of introducing innovations to its products, adapting them to current European safety and quality standards. So they can  promote a "healthy sleep" culture through its own products.

Manifattura Falomo products are available in many countries around the world: Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Czech Republic, Albania, Romania, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia, Finland, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand.

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