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CATAS certificate

Certification of laboratory tests of mattress nets in accordance with European standards UNI EN 1725.

REACH certificate

European Union regulation on the registration, evaluation, authorization and / or restriction of the use of chemicals.

Aitex certificate

This certification ensures the right temperature of the material: it has passed the most rigorous thermographic tests to confirm the actual thermal functionality of Memory Fresh Blue.

OEKO-TEX certificate

Only products that have been successfully tested can have the Öeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate, which guarantees the absence of harmful products: the more the product comes into contact with the skin, the stricter the controls and requirements that the product must meet.  Class I is the maximum certification level as it covers products that come into direct contact with the baby's epidermis.

Medical Certificate 1st Class

These items are classified as class 1 medical devices according to the standards required by European directives 93/42 / EEC and LD February 24, 1997 - No. 46 (concerning medical devices) and 2001/95 / EEC and LD May 21, 2004 - No. 1 72 (concerning general safety of products placed on the market).  Tests conducted by   Manifattura Falomo  in cooperation with the most qualified European institutions, they have demonstrated effectiveness in preventing and alleviating postural problems and the pathology of pressure ulcers.

HygCen® Certificate

HygCen® is a renowned international laboratory for medical hygiene and safety research. The HygCen® brand is a guarantee of quality throughout Europe and is synonymous with maximum hygiene, softness and gentleness to the skin.

LGA certificate

The LGA Möbelprüfinstitut in Nuremberg, after rigorous testing, issued the Manifattura Falomo with the LGASCHADSTOFFGEPRÜFT certificate.

The tests carried out have shown that Manifattura Falomo products:

  • have passed and met the legal requirements excellently;

  • have a "formaldehyde concentration" (0.01 ppm) well below the minimum (0.03 ppm);

  • do not show the presence of carcinogenic substances;

  • they are free from substances that are harmful and toxic to the human body.

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