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Aquatech® is a foam made  made of a mixture of polymers and water, created exclusively for high-end products. Aquatech® behaves like a natural sponge: the water used creates millions of tiny holes through  air filters and allows the removal of moisture.


Thanks to Aquatech®, the spine and neck retain their natural shape while resting, allowing for gentle stretching. The neck and shoulder areas are synchronized and fit in a unique way to your body, supporting the spine without feeling pressure.






Breathable and microcellular Eos foam, filters and wicks moisture very quickly thanks to high air permeability;  it is resistant to compression, it is durable and light  and easy to handle: it combines the advantages of breathability, light weight, ergonomics and recycling typical of high-tech foams with those of latex.



The latest generation polyurethane foam Memory Fresh Blue is an innovative material made of highly flexible polyurethane, which perfectly adapts to the human body and regulates the temperature during rest. It is pleasant and refreshing, with excellent physical and mechanical properties, consisting of a special open cell structure, it is the ideal solution for the natural recirculation of moisture and breathability while resting. Memory Fresh Blue is environmentally friendly because it is made from soybean oil and other natural materials that have not been genetically modified.


- absorbs excess heat.

- provides natural freshness 

- maximum breathability for the skin

- naturally regulates body heat while resting

- perfect moisture recirculation

- odorless



Soy is a natural raw material that helps in the fight against cardiovascular diseases, reduces menopausal problems and promotes brain activity.  Recent

Epidemiological studies in Asian populations show that soy-rich diets help reduce the incidence of colon, breast and prostate cancer.  It is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-allergenic;  prevents the formation of bacteria and mold.



This is a new generation of foam used in Manifattura Falomo mattresses and pillows.  Tested in SanoDormire® laboratories, following a thorough research and development process, Feel HD today represents the perfect solution that can revolutionize the world of relaxation: extremely comfortable, breathable and resilient.

Flexibility and crush resistance:

Thanks to this new concept, the greater stability of the cells ensures complete freedom of movement while resting.

Unparalleled comfort:

Completely hydrophilic materials, able to absorb moisture up to 4 times more than other pillows.

No pressure on the body:

Perfect adjustment of the pillow to the physical characteristics of the person.

High durability for years.


The Airpedic System is an exclusive system developed by Manifattura Falomo: the double layer of 3D fabric guarantees an ideal microclimate and greater kidney support.


Technology, durability, strength and lightness. The titanium springs are double the length of a normal spring and provide ultra support with a calming effect, promoting optimal relaxation.


PhysioClima is a new standard of moisture control and thermal insulation patented by Manifattura Falomo, which provides an ideal microclimate at any time of the year. 

This is due to the combination of viscoelastic foam with high thermal conductivity,

its structure with open pores and a three-dimensional, volumetric insert,  provides significant air flow. The patented Physio-Clima system always ensures an ideal microclimate.


Adaptation, support and breathability:

  • gradual transition from one area to another. 

  • extremely sensitive and responsive to movements on the mattress. 

  • clear difference between the different load-bearing areas.


It favors perfect spine alignment.  This exclusive spring system makes

that​​ the mattress is perfectly ergonomic. In order to obtain different bearing surfaces, springs of different diameters are used.


Solotex is a new type of polyester fiber. Thanks to high breathability, it filters and removes moisture from the body, keeps the microclimate dry and prevents the formation of microorganisms. Solotex is machine washable at 105 ° and keeps its shape for a long time.


Particularly resilient and breathable natural foam, enriched with essential oils of orange flowers.


Silk is the noblest, most delicate of all natural fibers, cool in summer and warm in winter. Natural silk prevents overheating and sweating of the body, it is hygienic, resistant to water and abrasion and hypoallergenic.


Wool is the oldest fiber in the world: it can absorb moisture in an unusual way (up to 1/3 of its weight), releasing it gradually without the unpleasant feeling of dampness. Used in the mattress, it supports blood flow and facilitates heat exchange between the human body and the environment: thanks to this, the microclimate of the mattress is dry and ideal for people suffering from rheumatism.

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