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Feel Cervicale
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The "Cervicale Feel" pillow has a surprising ability to adapt to the head and neck, changing the way you rest: the new generation foam allows the cervical vertebrae to relax and stretch, both on the back and on the side.


This soap-shaped pillow is suitable for people who like to sleep both on  back like  and on  side  .

The pillow is characterized by  grooves  on the surface providing  perfect microclimate.



The pillow is made of  Feel foam  , a new generation of material developed and tested in SanoDormire® (HealthyRest) laboratories to guarantee  high  and  permanent  flexibility.


Pillow cover  it is made of hypoallergenic and antibacterial viscose  knitwear. The cover is removable thanks to  practical zipper on the side and is machine washable at  temperature of 60 ° C, so you always have a clean and perfectly hygienic pillow. Additionally, the pillow has a cotton pillowcase.

Feel HD foam


This is a new generation of foam used in Manifattura Falomo mattresses and pillows.  Tested in SanoDormire® laboratories, after a thorough research and development process, Feel HD represents today the perfect solution that can revolutionize the world of relaxation: extremely comfortable, breathable  and resilient.

Flexibility and crush resistance:

Thanks to this new concept, greater cell stability ensures complete freedom of movement while resting.

Unparalleled comfort:

Completely hydrophilic materials, able to absorb moisture up to 4 times more than other pillows.

No pressure on the body:

Perfect adjustment of the pillow to the physical characteristics of the person.

High durability for years.

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