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Dream Blue Sole
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Dream Blue Sole is a new generation pillow for cervical well-being: the main purpose of this pillow is to increase  relax your entire body by gently widening the intervertebral discs along your neck and back. In addition, the special shape prevents the ears from compressing, thus ensuring more balance when you wake up. Thanks to the removable insert, the "Sole" pillow is suitable for people with broad, medium or small shoulders.


The round and concave shape allows for optimal neck support for the correct positioning of the spine, eliminating muscle tension.






Below you will find details of the "Sole" pillow:


1. Its round and concave shape makes it​​ the neck remains firm and in line with the spine to relieve muscle tension.


2. The height of the pillow can be adjusted by removing the 2 cm blue layer underneath: this makes the pillow suitable for people with wide, medium or small shoulders.


3. The inlet leaves the spine free and allows the arms to relax while sleeping on your side.


4. Channels on the surface allow more airflow.



Find out about the technical properties of the pillow  "Sole".


  • Made of Memory Fresh Blue and Soy Memory Touch: hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested according to the strictest international regulations.

  • Case  made of Bielastic, washable at 60 ° C, versatile, resistant, breathable and comfortable.

  • Inner cotton lining, washable at 60 ° C, useful when washing the cover. 

  • Extremely pleasant, cool  and breathable: maintains the perfect temperature, prevents sweating, especially in the hot season.



Cotton is the most important plant textile fiber used in weaving due to its exceptional delicacy in contact with the skin. Manifattura Falomo uses it to cover and fill its mattresses as it is an excellent conductor of heat dissipated from the body and keeps the skin cool.


The latest generation polyurethane foam Memory Fresh Blue is an innovative material made of highly flexible polyurethane, which perfectly adapts to the human body and regulates the temperature during rest. It is pleasant and refreshing, with excellent physical and mechanical properties, consisting of a special open cell structure, it is the ideal solution for the natural recirculation of moisture and breathability while resting. Memory Fresh Blue is environmentally friendly because it is made from soybean oil and other natural materials that have not been genetically modified.


- absorbs excess heat.

- provides natural freshness 

- maximum breathability for the skin

- naturally regulates body heat while resting

- perfect moisture recirculation

- odorless

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