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Golf Memory Mattress
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The Golf Memory mattress guarantees high sleeping comfort thanks to the differentiated load-bearing zones. It optimally supports the shoulders and pelvis.  It is a mattress which, thanks to its structure, creates sensations similar to spring mattresses.

Selected materials - maximum comfort


Golf Memory is a hypoallergenic mattress with a removable cover. The Soy Memory layer provides high softness and support. A high-density Aquatech® bottom layer supports the lumbar region. The main core of the mattress is an innovative Aquatech® layer, specially profiled with 250 points of support.

Mattress height: 24 cm


Quilted fabric cover  Stretch Damask


Soy Memory - 3.5 cm

(density 50  kg / m3)


Aquatech® - 2 cm

(density 40  kg / m3)


Golf project Aquatech® - 16 cm (density 40 kg / m3)

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Soy Memory Touch profile with a wavy finish,  gently adjusts to the pressure of the body,  to prevent spine compression.

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Aquatech® is a foam made  made of a mixture of polymers and water, created exclusively for high-end products. Aquatech® behaves like a natural sponge: the water used creates millions of tiny holes which allows moisture to be removed through the air filters.


Thanks to Aquatech®, the spine and neck retain their natural shape while resting, allowing for gentle stretching. The neck and shoulder areas are synchronized and fit in a unique way to your body, supporting the spine without feeling pressure.




The cover is made of a delicate and elegant Damask Stretch fabric enriched with quilted seams. The side tape is equipped with a practical zipper and comfortable  handles.

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Washing the cover

We advise you to regularly ventilate the inner core of the mattress by removing the top cover.  The cover can be removed and machine washed at a maximum temperature of 60 ° C, avoiding the spin mode.

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