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Gran Pascià mattress
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Mattress  Gran Pascià  is a high-class premium product. The main features that make it unique are: titanium springs,  that connect  lightness and long-term durability.  

Balance: unrivaled

A solid and stable DN 70 foam frame, surrounding the inside of the mattress.


The layer of active and flexible Feel HD foam allows for maximum relaxation of the spine, giving the feeling of lying down

"in clouds".  The layer of flexible and pleasant material Feel HD, wraps the body in any position.

Climate: the elimination of moisture

The quilted cover is filled with a layer of 3 materials: a light polyester layer that can be washed  at a temperature of 60 ° C and pure wool and silk to effectively remove moisture.


Smartcell fabric: always ensures the perfect temperature

The Smartcell viscose fabric lining, washable at 60 ° C, is always cool and dry when resting: it cares for your skin with a special Smartcell treatment.  Smartcell is a special fabric with thermoregulatory properties: it absorbs excess heat during sleep, ensuring a regenerative rest.



Smartcell cover .


Feel HD foam layer.


Soia Bio foam layer with a density of 60 kg / m, made of high-load-bearing foam, adjusted to the perimeter box, density 70 kg / m.


White felt upper divider insert.


7 zones titanium springs with system  Support Flex.


White felt lower separation insert.


Soia Bio foam layer with high load capacity, density 50 kg / bw

Titanium springs

Assembly with the "Support Flex System" guaranteeing the stability of the spring.


Design with 7 different load zones

Layer of Soia Bio with a density of 60 kg / bw, in order to ensure high load-bearing capacity and appropriate ergonomic support.


Overbox in Feel HD

The Feel HD layer is located on top of the spring case (overbox). Active and flexible, it guarantees optimal relaxation of the back during rest.


Deep quilting + Falomo lining

Refined and deep quilting with a capitonné effect for added comfort. In addition, the airy cover allows you to use the mattress also when washing the lining.


Side strap and removable lining

  • Handy side tape with an elegant finish and 10 handles. 

  • Removable mattress topper. 

  • The outer cover and mattress cover are washable at 60 ° C.

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