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Dream Blue Cervicale
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The "Dream Memory Blue Cervical" pillow thanks to its concave shape is ideal if you are looking for a pillow that follows your every movement while you sleep without putting pressure on your neck. Especially recommended for those who like to sleep on their side or lying down. Extremely cozy, cool and breathable.



The pillow is made of foam  Memory Fresh Blue (blue layer in the photos) and Soy Memory Touch, which ensure the perfect temperature at any time of the year, reducing the pressure between the head and the core of the pillow thanks to an innovative design with airy channels.




Pillow cover  It is made of a special material MicroTencel®: an innovative natural fiber that regulates the temperature for maximum comfort at any time of the year. The Duo Clima cover can be easily washed in the washing machine at 60 ° C.


The special Duo Clima cover adapts perfectly to the shape of the pillow and can be turned upside down depending on the season: the gray side is made of Fresh MicroTencel® fabric, and the white side is made of Basic MicroTencel® fabric.


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Cotton is the most important plant textile fiber used in weaving due to its exceptional delicacy in contact with the skin. Manifattura Falomo uses it to cover and fill its mattresses as it is an excellent conductor of heat dissipated from the body and keeps the skin cool.


The latest generation polyurethane foam Memory Fresh Blue is an innovative material made of highly flexible polyurethane, which perfectly adapts to the human body and regulates the temperature during rest. It is pleasant and refreshing, with excellent physical and mechanical properties, consisting of a special open cell structure, it is the ideal solution for the natural recirculation of moisture and breathability while resting. Memory Fresh Blue is environmentally friendly because it is made from soybean oil and other natural materials that have not been genetically modified.


- absorbs excess heat.

- provides natural freshness 

- maximum breathability for the skin

- naturally regulates body heat while resting

- perfect moisture recirculation

- odorless

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