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Imperial Fresh Blue mattress
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Fresh Blue

Imperial Fresh Blue  by Manifattura Falomo is the perfect choice if you are looking for a mattress that will provide  proper balance and adjustment to the movements of the spine. Two special layers of Eos foam  provide progressive support as well as high breathability for a proper microclimate  during a sleep. Additionally, the mattress has two "AirPedic System" inserts with a unique design  complementary cover  Bielastic Stretch with a hypoallergenic lining offering exceptional reinforcement  in the area of the kidneys.

Imperial is a memory mattress with strong support. Connected  layers of Memory Fresh Blue and Eos  guarantee the creation of an ideal microclimate and airiness of the mattress.

Mattress height: 24 cm

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Bielastic Stretch cover with AirPedic system.


Memory Fresh Blue - 3.4 - 6.5 cm   

(density 55 kg / m3)


Breathable Eos foam - 3 cm     (density 40 kg / m3)


Soia Memory - 4 cm               (density 40 kg / m3)


Breathable Eos foam - 3 cm     (density 40 kg / m3)


Aquatech® - 4 - 7 cm           (density  30 kg / m3)

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Exclusive AirPedic system - double layer

2 special layers  Eos provide  progressive support,  and  high breathability  for a proper microclimate during sleep.


Memory Fresh Blue


The latest generation polyurethane foam Memory Fresh Blue is an innovative material made of highly elastic polyurethane, which perfectly adapts to the human body and regulates the temperature during rest. It is pleasant and refreshing, with excellent physical and mechanical properties, consisting of a special open cell structure, it is the ideal solution for the natural recirculation of moisture and breathability while resting. Memory Fresh Blue is environmentally friendly because it is made from soybean oil and other natural materials that have not been genetically modified.


- absorbs excess heat.

- provides natural freshness 

- maximum breathability for the skin

- naturally regulates body heat while resting

- perfect moisture recirculation

- odorless



Soy is a natural raw material that helps in the fight against cardiovascular diseases, reduces menopausal problems and promotes brain activity.  Recent epidemiological studies in Asian populations show that soy-rich diets help reduce the incidence of colon, breast, and prostate cancer.  It is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-allergenic;  prevents the formation of bacteria and mold.

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EOS foam

Breathable and microcellular Eos foam, filters and transports moisture very quickly thanks to high air permeability;  it is resistant to compression, it is durable and light  and easy to maintain: it combines the advantages of breathability, light weight, ergonomics, typical of high-tech foams, with those of latex.


Cover with many handles  

The side band of the cover is equipped with a volumetric insert and multifunctional handles that allow the mattress to rotate freely.  2 elegant  "AirPedic System" inserts  with a unique design they complement the Bielastic Stretch z  hypoallergenic lining. 

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Washing the cover

We advise you to regularly ventilate the inner core of the mattress by removing the top cover.  The cover can be removed and machine washed at a maximum temperature of 60 ° C, avoiding the spin mode.

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