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Pillow Travel
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Choose the Manifattura Falomo pillow as your travel companion! Pillow Travel pillow is made of Bio Soy Memory foam, it provides maximum comfort wherever you go!



The core of the pillow is made of ecological, non-deformable and durable material

Bio Soy Memory. The anatomical shape provides proper support for the nape of the neck without the feeling of pressure and regenerating relaxation.


The Pillow Travel cover is made of hypoallergenic and antibacterial viscose.  Thanks to the convenient side zipper, the cover can be removed and washed in the washing machine up to 60 ° C.

Height: 10 cm

Length: 55cm

Width: 30cm


Handcrafted in Italy by Manifattura Falomo.


Soy is a natural raw material that helps in the fight against cardiovascular diseases, reduces menopausal problems and promotes brain activity.  Recent epidemiological studies in Asian populations show that soy-rich diets help reduce the incidence of colon, breast, and prostate cancer.  It is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-allergenic;  prevents the formation of bacteria and mold.

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