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Memo Class mattress
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Memo Class  is a two-sided mattress. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the more comfortable side perceived as softer. The comfort side  thanks to the Soy Memory Touch foam, it wraps our body under pressure.   The harder side provides more support for the spine.  The mattress has 7 zones that correspond to the natural division of the human body: zone  head, shoulders, loins, pelvis, thighs, calves and feet.

Mattress height: 24 cm

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Hypoallergenic cover


Soy Memory Touch - 3.5 cm

(density 45 kg / m3)


Aquatech® - 10 cm

(density 30 kg / m3)


Aquatech® - 10 cm

(density 35 kg / m3)



Aquatech® is a foam made  made of a mixture of polymers and water, created exclusively for high-end products. Aquatech® behaves like a natural sponge: the water used produces millions of tiny holes every  allows moisture to be removed through air filters.


Thanks to Aquatech®, the spine and neck retain their natural shape while resting, allowing for gentle stretching. The neck and shoulder areas are synchronized and fit in a unique way to your body, supporting the spine without feeling pressure.



Soy is a natural raw material that helps in the fight against cardiovascular diseases, reduces menopausal problems and promotes brain activity.  Recent epidemiological studies in Asian populations show that soy-rich diets help reduce the incidence of colon, breast, and prostate cancer.  It is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-allergenic;  prevents the formation of bacteria and mold.


Cover with many handles  

The side band of the cover is equipped with a volumetric insert and four multifunctional handles that allow the mattress to rotate freely. 

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Cotton is the most important plant textile fiber used in weaving due to its exceptional delicacy in contact with the skin. Manifattura Falomo uses it to cover and fill its mattresses as it is an excellent conductor of heat dissipated from the body and keeps the skin cool.

Washing the cover

We advise you to regularly ventilate the inner core of the mattress by removing the top cover.  The cover can be removed and machine washed at a maximum temperature of 60 ° C, avoiding the spin mode.

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